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Organizational Information

  • Grades/Course: type in the grades here, like: 9 (Algebra I/Math A)
  • Lesson Number: 1
  • Time Required: 40 minutes (could easily run over though. Goal is to start closure exercise with 10 minutes left).
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Big Ideas

Essential Question(s) for this Lesson

  • How can real world data be modeled by lines?
  • How does rate of change affect "slope" and vice versa?
  • What conclusions can one draw by looking at lines (positive/negative slope, parallel lines)?

NYS Standards Addressed for this Lesson

A.PS.3-7, A.PS.9,A.CN.1-3,A.CN.6,A.R.1,A.R.3,A.R.6-8,A.N.5,A.A.6,A.A.32-33,A.S.17

Evidence of Student Understanding (Assessment) for this Lesson

  • After completing worksheets in pairs, a quick 1 problem do-now exercise will test their ability to transfer knowledge by giving them a different type of slope problem than the ones they worked on previously.
  • Closure activity of "Millionaire Game", during which students will answer questions similar to ones worked on in group
  • Misunderstandings will be addressed during Millionaire Game: Steep negative slopes have smaller slopes than flatter positive slopes, different parallel lines have different slope, a vertical line has infinite slope (vs undefined slope), the ordering of p1 & p2 affects the slope

Lesson Preparation

Student Preparation Prior to this Lesson

Students must know what a real number is. (The $1,000,000 question refers to it).
Students must know that division by 0 is undefined. (For vertical lines).
Students must know how to use graph paper.
Students must know that points are indicated by (x,y).
Students have to be comfortable doing addition and subtraction of negative numbers. (When using (y2-y1)/(x2-x1), frequently, one gets things like (-4 - (-3))/ ....)
Students have to be comfortable reducing fractions to simplest terms.

Materials Required

Teacher Resources


Specific Purpose(s) or Objective(s)

Teach the concept of slope, and how it can be used to model linear data. Hook students and interest them in the whole unit about lines.

Lesson Sequence


  • Show them a picture of 2 cars, and tell them that they're gonna learn the math that will enable them to save for the car of their dreams.
  • Excite them about playing the Millionaire Game at the end of the lesson.

Step by Step Explanation of Activities/Strategies

  1. Hook (1 minute)
  2. Definition of slope and 2 examples (7 minutes)
  3. Break into pairs and explain pair work (2 minutes)
  4. Pair work on work sheet (13 minutes)
  5. Review and correct answers (5 minutes)


  1. 1 Problem do now (tests for understanding) (2 minutes)
  2. Millionaire Game (10 minutes)

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities or Diverse Learning Styles:

  1. Work Sheet has challenge problem for advanced students
  2. Students can solve slopes using formulas or counting squares on graph. Accomodates visual or symbolic thinkers.
  3. Students can work at own pace on problems in work sheet to learn skills and form connections
  4. One could replace the Millionaire Game and worksheet correction with having groups present answers on board. This would enable students of varying abilities to present problems matched to their level. But this requires knowing a bit about each student, and could not be done at least until several months into the year.